School Tours.



A visit to Woodlands
Falconry is both entertaining and educational.

We have approximately
thirty different Birds of Prey; Hawks, Falcons and Owls from Ireland and around
the world.

Meet the Peregrine
Falcon; the fastest moving creature on Earth.

Meet the Golden Eagle
and Red Kite; two species previously extinct from our skies.

Enjoy an interactive
flying display for your group.


Suitable for all schools, scouts, special needs or
any group over 5 years old.


Owl School Tour.

Would you like us to
bring some of our Owls into your classroom?

Meet the tiny Little
Owl and the huge Eagle Owl; the largest owl species in the world!

Get up close and learn
all about our own native Barn Owl and Long-Eared Owl.



The children will meet
and get to hold a hand-tame owl and learn how they manage to hunt in the wild using
their super sensitive hearing and excellent night vision.


A Woodlands Falconry visit is an experience to remember!


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contact us

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