Birthday partys: 

Would you like us to bring some of our tame Birds of
Prey to your birthday party or special event? Imagine your friend’s reaction
when they not only see but get to hold one of our birds of prey. This
experience will make a party to remember!



Wow your wedding guests on your special day with our
highly trained white Barn Owl as the ring bearer. Imagine as you stand at the
altar and the owl glides silently up the aisle and lands quietly on your best
mans hands with a velvet ring bag. After the slipknot is undone the owl takes
flight and leaves, purely magical!



Would you like our large tame Hawk to fly out of
nowhere to your outstretched glove and carry an Engagement Ring to your Fiance while you ask that all-important question?



Bring your group to us or we can come to you and
tailor a day to suit your needs. Our static display or flying experience makes
for great corporate entertainment helping you build your business


Hunting Days:

Hunting days with the Harris Hawks or Eagle
experience days with our Golden Eagle are usually held between September and
April and have been described as a “once in a lifetime experience”.  This is the ultimate thrill for anyone who
has an interest in Birds of Prey or in general outdoor activities.



Designed for amateur and professional photographers.
We take our native species into natural settings and avail of the last two
hours of natural light for best effect. We can cater for camera clubs and if
needs be, can do specific training to capture a specific shot.